Category : Divergent Thinkers

10 Jun 2014
Moira Agius

Divergent Thinkers – Moira Agius

  Moira Agius uses mixtures of glass and polyester resin to create engaging sculptures of babies that deal with social restrictions and imposed taboos.

10 Jun 2014

Divergent Thinkers – Matyou Galea

  Matyou Galea will create an aural environment which combines sound with sculpture and invites members of the public to interact with the piece.

10 Jun 2014
Mario Abela

Divergent Thinkers – Mario Abela

  Mario Abela is presenting a series of monochromatic paintings that mimic newspaper photographs and represent ironically ‘happy’ dialogues between political antagonists.

09 Jun 2014
Umberto Buttigieg

Divergent Thinkers – Umberto Buttigieg

  Umberto Buttigieg explores notions of purity and impurity through a video installation.

16 May 2014

Divergent Thinkers – laKri

  laKri (Kristina Borg) presents a community-based action that deals with issues of private and public space in a multi-media installation. Fuori dalla Finestra (Outside the Window) installation 2014 When the Greens Meet performance, presented in video format (video: 8mins) 2014