Category : Viva 2018

26 Feb 2018

Found ă mentalism I

Artwork by Sabine Ostermann. Found ă mentalism I focuses on the issues surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, while also exploring a current global increase in war and persecution. Through the confrontation of different artists and works, the exhibition highlights the possibilities of cultural diversity, mutual understanding, as well as the establishment of a joint collective society. Curators: Andrea Hilger, Antka Hofmann Artists: Henri Deparade, Karen Gäbler, Michael Goller, Antka Hofmann, Nina Holzweg, Jonas Lewek, Katerina Belkina, Ulrike Mundt, Sabine Ostermann, Marcin Owczarek, Gaspar Risko, […]

26 Feb 2018

European Eyes on Japan

Artwork by Alice Wielinga. Led by artistic director MikikoKikuta, European Eyes on Japan is a visual arts project that has toured over thirty European Capitals of Culture since 1999. As part of Valletta 2018’s European Capital of Culture year, the project extended an invitation to Maltese photographer Alexandra Pace for Valletta 2018 and Alice Wielinga, a photographer from our twin European Capital of Culture, Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018. Both photographers lived and worked in Japan, looking to capture the country’s lifestyle through […]

26 Feb 2018


WiN transposes the concept of the lottery with a personal and human experience: the loss of the artist’s mother, Rose Schembri (1958 – 2015). Spectators are encouraged to try to open with keys the fifty-seven (57) wooden boxes presented, each holding an item that belonged to the artist’s late mother. After the son-artist carefully selected each object, he covered them with gold leaf, to point out their metaphoric preciousness.  The number of personal belongings placed in the boxes – fifty-seven […]

26 Feb 2018

Azure Watch: Office for Public Memory

The Azure Watch: Office for Public Memory reimagines The Mill as an Orwellian public record office that stores memories of the Azure Window: a space in which images, artworks and souvenirs of the site have been transformed into mass consumable public iconography. This memory store displays its collection of commodities as museum artefacts, souvenirs, memorials and as distorted memories; their context inviting visitors to reconsider the iconographic artifice of the Azure Window as it once stood and as it stands […]