Workshop – Youth Identity Portraits

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Workshop led by: Charmaine Zammit, in collaboration with Aġenzija Żgħazagħ

Portraits at Zvezdan Reljic’s exhibition ‘Beltin’ and at the National Museum of Fine Arts serve as a backdrop for the creative processes employed in the production of a collective collage that brings to life the young participants’ identities.

The educational sessions vis-à-vis the portrait collection at the National Museum of Fine Arts encourage the participants to make portraits of each other and take ‘selfies’ next to their chosen portraits, based on the particular pose or facial expression they would like to imitate. The activity aims to encourage the participants to reflect about the effects of a self-image on one’s identity, about the communication of one’s inner world to the outside world and about the importance we give to other people’s judgements based on appearances and expressions. At the exhibition ‘Beltin’,the participants observe and reflect about the identities communicated through the displayed images and the accompanying write-ups concerning each person’s relationship with Valletta. Participants  interview each other about their relationship with their birthplace.

In collaboration with The Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education, Faculty of Education, University of Malta.