Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, is used to identify a dominant male in a group or pack situation. When the word alpha is applied to men it likewise refers to a status of dominance solely amongst men: women are nowhere to be found in this equation.

Within a zoological context, the term Alpha implies a wild, primitive masculine norm in which virility is implied by strength and that strength in turn implies a threat of physical violence.

Since Alpha does not merely infer power or dominance but implies it over other men, homoeroticism, to different degrees, is embedded.

Renditions of this embedment have appeared throughout art history. Ever since Greek statuary presented the perfect male form, interpretations and reinterpretations have been endless. Even though a heteronormative masculine ideal might have been what was chosen to be presented, essentially from today’s perspective, it is homoeroticism which seems abundant..

The aim of the collection of photographs presented within the parameters of this exhibition therefore, is to highlight and bring to the fore imagery which reflects male power structures, dominance, violence, homoeroticism and the masculine form. Thus, a contemporary conversation contextualising or in some cases decontextualising these elements will allow the implied homo/erotic content to be explicitly drawn out and discussed.

Curated by Fabrizio Mifsud Soler

Exhibitors include:

Andy Houghton
Matthew Attard Navarro
Ritty Tacsum
Joey Leo
Julian Vassallo
Thobias Malmberg
Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert