Exploring Sexuality and Innocence in connection with the Surrounding Space – Javier Joseph Formosa | Chiara Monterosso





Early Morning in the Company of a Cat, by Javier Joseph Formosa
Digital Black-and-White photograph, 30x40cm

Embracing Exterior Spaces, by Chiara Monterosso
Digital Black-and-White photograph, 30x40cm


Javier Joseph Formosa and Chiara Monterosso explore the relationship between different space and emotions and sexuality. Javier focuses on the interior space associated with the ideas of safety, security and protection, where items of furniture such as the bed, books, and the washroom, the bathroom and the kitchen, communicate a connection with personal objects and intimacy. On the other hand, the progression from interior to external space is explored by Chiara, whose work focuses on the representation of herself as an embodiment of sexual development, vulnerability and the sense of the unknown connected with the experience of emerging from the interior to the exterior.


Artists’ Bio

Javier Joseph Formosa, born in 1990, is currently reading for a Higher National Diploma in Fine Arts at MCAST Art and Design Mosta. His work, mainly revolves around the themes of identity, the body and the spirituality. As an artist he is mostly interested in various mediums, most of which, however, are applied to two-dimensional practice, such as drawing, painting, photography, as well as, the more recent experimentation with collages, installations and concept art. Javier is not a foreigner to the Divergent Thinkers collective, having already participated in the second version of the collective exhibition in 2013. Furthermore, Javier participated in a number of collective exhibitions, most recently, ‘Tikka’ at MCAST Art and Design in 2015, and the Malta Design Week at Fort St. Elmo in 2014.

Chiara Monterosso, born in 1994,  has recently completed her three-year art education degree in Fine Arts at the MCAST Art and Design Mosta. Her work mostly focuses on the themes of personal memory and identity which specifically revolve around her childhood experiences. Monterosso has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions, most recent of which being, ‘Paper to Screen’ and ‘Tikka’, at the MCAST Art and Design Mosta in 2014 and 2015, respectively, and ‘Science in the City’, at the Italian Cultural Institute in 2014.