Good Walls Make Good Neighbours – Collective Exhibition






Curated by Raphael Vella

Good Walls Make Good Neighbours explores the relations between spaces and people, focusing on issues of private and public space, the political and social significance of borders and territory and the walls and fences that surround us and separate us from each other.

The artists whose work is being shown in this exhibition are:

Yael Bartana – Summer Camp
Zineb Sedira – Saphir
Sonia Guggisberg – Samarina
Sarah van Sonsbeeck – Anti-Drone Tent | Letter to My Neighbours 
David Pisani – The Walls of Perception
Tom van Malderen (with Bettina Hutschek) – Drywall Wonders between Heaven and Earth
Claudia Larcher – Panorama | Die Einzige und Ihr Eigenheim
Duygu Nazli Akova – The Hive
Teresa Sciberras – Circumscribed

With the writings of :

Clare Azzopardi
Immanuel Mifsud