Position of Opposition (Hands down) – Aaron Bezzina







Position of Opposition (Hands Down), 2015, by Aaron Bezzina

Young artist Aaron Bezzina presents a piece constituted of polar opposites – an interplay between natural and forced, public and private,  hostile and hospitable.

The work is constituted of symmetrical polar opposites, one pair of hands on each side of a long table. Each hand is clasped in a fist and one pair faces the other in a possible air of conflict, tension and preparedness to strike. Alternatively, the stance could suggest a certain playfulness between the two entities: a game where concealed things disappear and reappear.

The domestic piece of furniture is plucked away from its usual surroundings related to the homely interior, finding its place amongst the tables of coffee shops in a city square.  Beyond its daily use as a surface to place things on, the table is a testament to friendly social settings or even disputes. The elongated surface safely distances the opposites and simultaneously links them to each other in a deliberate mixture of hostility and hospitality. Silently, it waits for new linkages to be formed.