Social Kitchen – Matthew Schembri



Social Kitchen by Matthew Schembri

Mixed media and installation are the means by which Matthew Schembri explores and develops his ideas into artistic creations. Social Kitchen is a case in point, where screenshots from various social networks were selected, printed and wrapped around cooking-related utensils and furniture. Thus, the viewers are presented with an essential household room, all covered with a medium that they, as contemporary individuals, have initially created – a creation whose existence is impossible without people’s online engagement, and which suggests an indirect yet reflective and interactive artistic experience.


Artist’s Bio

Matthew Schembri, born in 1993, studied art at the University of Malta and has recently acquired a Certificate in General Studies (2015). As part of his studies, Schembri was involved in his first collective exhibition, Frammenti (2015),  held at St James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity. His current interests primarily revolve around themes associated with social media, and is also, passionate about creative writing.