Transmitted Data – Martina Galea




‘Transmitted Data’ by Martina Galea

First image: ‘A’, thread on paper, 17.5 x 23.2cm
Second image: ‘C’, thread on paper, 18.2 x 23.1cm
Third image: ‘K’, thread on paper, 23.1 x 18.3cm

Essentially, Galea’s work explored the documentation of happenings, where countries are connected according to their recent occurrences, occurrences selected as a result of their repeated portrayal in international media headlines. In these specific mappings, each event is associated with a selected letter, such as the letter ‘E’ or ‘K’ – a reference to the particular action or reaction that took place. Meanwhile, every map is a representation of a different scenario, a visual record of data transmitted through the media – from remembrance to devastation to commemoration – and how these play out onto a map.

Artist’s Bio

Martina Galea, born in 1992, received her education at the institute of MCAST Art and Design, in Mosta. Currently, she is exploring mathematical processes, sequences and chance in her work. Martina tends to work with different mediums and techniques depending on the concepts being investigated. Although she is mostly intrigued by scientific methods, she also finds inspiration in anything that surrounds her.