Event Details

  • From: April 15, 2017
  • To: April 18, 2017
  • Starting at: 08:00 PM
  • Finishing at: 11:45 PM

Curator : Andrea Hilger

Artists: Martin & Anne Müller

Saturday 15th April till Sunday 14th May

German Maltese Circle – Palazzo Messina, Valletta (opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 till 20.00. Saturdays from 9.00 hours till 13.00 hours, Sundays and Public Holidays closed.)

When Joseph Beuys (one of the most prominent post-war artists of the 20th century) “explained the pictures to the dead hare” in 1965, the performance dealt with everything but pictures. The clear-sightedness and poetry of this view, the layers of content and caring, the tender caress of consciousness, probably may lead to a core approach of the two artists.

Martin Müller´s brushstrokes are expressions of a conscious search for a substratum. The research and selection of images; the clarity of figurativeness; and the delicate handling of colour sequences and simultaneous provocations are complex methods of his artistic attitude. As much as Anne Müller develops complexity with her poetry in film tracks, her fragmentation in language and the views of frozen moments, she deals with future, past and the cross-over of media in visual arts and performances. The analogy seems to be evident as Beuys walked around with the hare, tenderly touching the ears, carrying, whispering, like a human mother with her baby, then grabbing again with a robust bite in the neck like a hare father who frees the kitten from danger. In both cases there is a sublime and touching manifestation of artistic approaches and an integral understanding of life and society.

Anne and Martin Müller do not simply comprehend the hermetic system of art but also the sensitivity of society, finding ways of communication in between tones and nuances, bringing disparate worlds together. The artist couple is well aware that art is based on perception and thinking; that it is important to form a ‘social sculpture’ and not just to paint ‘little pictures’, but also to convey the lightness through empathy and emotion. This is in the end the basic concept of art both artists virtuosically master.

Andrea Hilger, Director of OSTRALE and Curator of Mediatrixism

Performance by Anne Müller

“heaven is inside heaven is outside”

Tuesday 18th April at 20:00

German Maltese Circle – Palazzo Messina, Valletta

Manual: How to be.

Imitated from what I saw some while

Try to be indifferent for connection.

Study accurate: Boil the outside. Eat the outside. Shelter the outside.

Thrash the inside. The round, light-yellow one.

Feed me. No lies.