Event Details

  • From: December 5, 2020
  • To: December 5, 2020
  • Starting at: 12:00 AM
  • Finishing at: 12:00 AM

Curator: Dr Vince Briffa

Artist: Zsolt Gyenes

Monday 3rd April till Sunday 23rd April 2017

Spot B, St James Cavalier, Valletta

Tomography is an exhibition which will include audiovisual work by the artist Zsolt Gyenes (Hungary). Here the artist will make use of Computed Tomography in an experimental way to create a series of abstract animated images.

Experimental artists are consciously looking for possibilities to make a programme fail. Their aim in doing so is to highlight the significant features; to ask the fundamental questions. So they play against the apparatus.

Tomography is a process of imaging by sections, done through the use of any kind of penetrating wave. The normal use for Computed Tomography is in medical imaging of the human body as an object. Zsolt Gyenes’ work makes “improper use” of this system through placing different objects (e.g. wires or film projectors) in the tomograph. The photographic images produced are then animated, creating unexpected results in the form of abstract moving images.

Metal causes disturbances to the magnetic field. It is considered to be a failure in CT-technology. At the same time, the aesthetic aspect of such disturbances proves interesting to the artist. He did not attempt to eliminate the disturbance, but on the contrary, he attempted to strengthen it. Step artefacts are inherent in this process. It is a unique voyage; peeping into the inner workings of different technical instruments/apparatuses in an aesthetic and informative way. The work is also self-referential; it “projects the projectors”, etc.

Two of the three audio-videos were made for this exhibition/project. The CT Scans were taken at the Health Centre of Kaposvar University in Hungary.



CT in Art – Friday 7th April, 19:00 till 20:30

Discusses the subject of Computed Tomography when used for experimental, art purposes.