VAC – Visual Acoustics

Artwork by László Zsolt Bordos.

This international exhibition is not intended to represent every aspect of current work in the visual music/acoustics genre, but a very small sample of its thinking and practice. Emanating from the (classical)  silent visual music tradition, the exhibition looks at how artists using current technology recreate this form; where the disposition of the computer as a tool with a natural proclivity of combining visual and aural structures, contributes to the quantity and quality of works. These works generally present experiences that have not undergone research in the classical tradition, but rather lean towards the interest artists have in the use of such unconventional media and the excitement of experimentation. They use different techniques and tools, such as eye-tracking equipment, 3D mapping projection, interactive installation, audio-video, data-generation and printing. The common thread is in the exhibition’s common goal – an approach that reflects the general feeling of our contemporary society and its relationship with ever-changing technology.

Project Facilitator: Zsolt Gyenes

Artists: Matthew Attard, László Zsolt Bordos, Éva T. Bortnyik, Csaba Tubák, Vince Briffa, Matthew Galea, Antal Lux, Jerzy Olek, Gabor Palotai, Pierre Portelli, Zsanett Szirmay

Venue: Malta School of Art, 106, Triq l-Ifran, Valletta

Dates: Monday 9th April – Friday 4th May

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (08:00-20:00)