Found ă mentalism I

Artwork by Sabine Ostermann.

Found ă mentalism I focuses on the issues surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, while also exploring a current global increase in war and persecution. Through the confrontation of different artists and works, the exhibition highlights the possibilities of cultural diversity, mutual understanding, as well as the establishment of a joint collective society.

Curators: Andrea Hilger, Antka Hofmann

Artists: Henri Deparade, Karen Gäbler, Michael Goller, Antka Hofmann, Nina Holzweg, Jonas Lewek, Katerina Belkina, Ulrike Mundt, Sabine Ostermann, Marcin Owczarek, Gaspar Risko, Luc Saalfeld, Detlef Schweige , Katrin Süss, Ekkehard Tischendorf

Venue: German Maltese Circle, Palazzo Messina, Valletta

Dates: Friday 13th April – Sunday 27th May

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday (09:00-20:00)
Saturday (09:00-13:00)
Sundays and Public Holidays (closed)