MODS Collective Meet Cecil Satariano

MODS is a collective of Portuguese musicians who create music based on improvisation, which also takes the form of video, film, or any other kind of other visual aesthetic. The name MODS is a form of wordplay that stands for “Music on D Spot”. This project investigates the work of Malta’s cinema pioneer Cecil Satariano, a multi award-winning author of great artistic value, but whose work is mostly unreleased and very little-known in Malta and Europe. The intention is to explore Satariano’s oeuvre through a selection of short movies from his collection. Two short films directed by Satariano, “I’m Furious – Red” (1970) and “Giuseppe” (1972) shall be screened, together with a live soundtrack. This event will also feature a selection of Maltese musicians.

This project is also part of the Spazju Kreattiv programme and supported by Valletta 2018 and Guimarães Municipality.

Musicians: Samuel Martins Coelho, Rui Souza, Pedro Gonçalves Oliveira, Carina Albuquerque, Jes Psaila, Norman Cristina, Joseph Camilieri, Álvaro Gomes

Venue: Cinema, Spazju Kreattiv

Price: Free (booking required)

Date and Time: Sunday 15 April, 5:30PM & 8PM