Fluid Space

Artwork by Duška Malešević.

“Space is not a scientific object removed from ideology or politics. It has always been political and strategic. There is an ideology of space. Because space, which seems homogeneous, which appears as a whole in its objectivity, in its pure form, such as we determine it, is a social product.” (Henri Lefebvre, The Survival of Capitalism)

Fluid Space is a collaborative project that merges video, photography, and research to question the dynamics of Malta’s changing urban landscapes, social structures, networks, conflicts, communities, strangers, time and space. It is an invitation to ponder on that which has been gained and lost, on the beauty of the everyday commonly overlooked, and on the ugliness that is destroying a rich heritage.

Curator: Nikki Petroni

Artists: Duška Malešević, Raffaella Zammit, Aidan Celeste

Venue: The Mill, Birkirkara

Dates: Wednesday 18th April – Saturday 12th May

Opening Hours:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (17:00-19:00)
Saturdays (16:00-20:00)