The ‘Tao’ of Nature

The ‘Tao’ of Nature” will present Yang Zhiling’s recent achievements in the medium of watercolour. His method of “flowing colours” develops the characteristics of this aqueous art of nature to their fullest extent. His process, characterized by ever-changing hues which are at once “flowing” and “painting”, necessitates a tilting of the canvas to control the flow and direction of the colours and forms; it also requires the constant addition of more colours, flowing, tilting and adding until he achieves the desired result. This method embodies a kind of visual logic which could be described as “modelling through flowing water,” which has a strong connection to the “intervention” in the Western oil painting tradition. It is a body of work which embodies the poetic charm of the East, while at the same time subverting the Chinese ink painting tradition.

Curator: Dr Liang Shuhan

Artist: Yang Zhiling

Dates: Friday 27th April – Sunday 20th May 

Venue: Space A, Spazju Kreattiv

Opening Hours:
Mondays (09:00-17:00)
Tuesday to Friday (09:00-21:00)
Saturday & Sunday (10:00-21:00)